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Automation of commodity turnover

You don't need to grab and analyze statistics from your retails point by your own, Fast Kiosk will do it for you. You will get all information aggregated and digitally, easy to sort and work with. You will be able to get all history of your sales in tables and charts.

Security and reliability

You work as an anonymus with FastKiosk, and we don't ask you put real information about your company. We garantee that your data will never be accessed by third part. You work thru crypted protocol. We store your data in an A-class data center in Germany.


Receive relevant information on retail outlets are now very simple, you just need to have the internet. FastKiosk gives the opportunity to monitor the sales, the availability of goods, manage procurement in real time. The data is available for 24/7 from anywhere in the world. You can control your business not only from the office, but also at home or on vacation.

Fast and furious

With FastKiosk processes of acceptance, sales, inventory, goods, data analysis, the profitability of individual products have become a lot easier and take less time. Barcode scanner and easy search by goods will minimize labor costs, taking into account production. Obtained from retail outlets information is instantly accessible via the Internet. You always know what products need to be supplied and you can do it as fast as possible.


FastKiosk - a handy tool for the analysis of sales data for retail outlets, profitability positions, inventory turnover, forecasting. A graphical representation of statistical data to help analyze the circulation of goods, taking into account aspects such as seasonal specialties and location of outlets.


The program has an intuitive interface that does not require special training to learn to work with it can any employee. We guarantee professional support in building a personal accounting system for your business.


We are constantly working to improve FastKiosk, adding new features to conduct your business, doing work with the system even easier and more convenient. All of the new features of our product are thoroughly tested, so you can be confident in their performance.